The Frank Palangi Music Experience

The Frank Palangi Music Experience

A brief review of Queensbury, NY solo artist Frank Palangi’s music.

 Within the first few chords of “I am Ready”, Frank Palangi’s newest single, I was drawn in.  I was in love with his music at first sound bite – or at least that’s how I felt Thanksgiving Eve of 2011 after seeing him live in concert for the first time.  Since then, I have had the pleasure of seeing Palangi perform at several venues including bars, parks and concert halls in upstate New York.  Palangi, 24, has been the opening act for a number of local artists and national acts such as Fuel, Hurt and Trapt, to name a few. 

                I am the proud owner of his full-length CD entitled “I am Waiting” which includes tunes such as “Gramps Song,” a nostalgic musical memoir and the catchy title track that showcases his strong vocals.  The lyrics of his songs promote positivity and the instrumentals add finesse to praiseworthy songs such as “This Girl” and “Don’t Cry.”   Most of the tracks from this CD and other noteworthy songs not included on the album can be found on his Reverbnation page.

                Palangi, a solo artist from Queensbury, New York, has also explored the realm of making music videos.  Currently, he has videos for “Remembrance” and “Love”, two powerful ballads that are a favorite during his live performances.  When not performing, Frank Palangi is making music, booking shows and keeping in touch with his growing number of fans through social networking platforms such as Facebook and Twitter.

                His current endeavor is putting together another album.  Naturally, releasing new material requires a monetary investment.  Funding for his new album is underway on KickStarter page at I am eager to hear how this second album will sound.  Frank Palangi is a very talented musician whose genuine passion for making music shines through his infectious lyrical content.  His music is more than just another rock song, it is an experience! 

I hope that others will discover his music and find it as uplifting and sincere as I do.  “I am Ready” has been played on a few radio stations already.  There’s only one question left to ask you fellow rockers and that’s if you are ready for a great year of rock music with Frank Palangi?  I know that I AM READY!

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